Principal's Notes

Picture of Mr. Marc Weisgold, Principal.
Mr. Marc Weisgold, Principal

Hello and welcome back!!

I hope the summer allowed you to rest and recharge. Spending time with family and being together is so important to a balanced life, I trust the summer allowed that! The close of summer means that a new year in the Elk Lake Elementary will begin and that's exciting! Personally, as the principal I am more refreshed and recharged than ever. We are excited to start another educational adventure with your child. The mantra for the school year is to be a coffee bean! The staff will be challenged that no matter what environment they are in, no matter how hard, how difficult or hot that they, like a coffee bean, will transform their environment for the better. Thus, creating a culture of positivity and allowing everyone to be the best version of themselves.The Elk Lake Elementary is committed to your child in their success and growth. Our staff works tirelessly day in and day out to ensure that your child has the best elementary experience possible. We hope to inspire and engage students in a thinking curriculum. Elk Lake Elementary students will achieve personal success and become ready, respectful, and responsible citizens. Our staff will work together through collaboration and focused teaching with clear expectations. The elementary will ensure student success by understanding that good instruction builds on students’ strengths and respects their individual differences. Elk Lake will also ensure that students are working within an aligned instructional system that focuses on powerful knowledge.

There are several new items that have happened over the summer which we are excited about. First, the elementary has installed a kiln in the art room! This is exciting as all of our students K-6 will be exposed and learn the basics and advanced techniques dealing with pottery. We are excited to continually enhance our arts programs in the elementary. Continuing with this theme the library will now have a green screen and we hope that this feature will allow us to enhance our weekly news broadcast as well as many other unique possibilities and adventures! We have also made several face lifts to the elementary to continue to make it kid friendly and promote positive messages…’ll have to stop in to see these exciting new features, we think you’ll love them and the kids will really enjoy them as well! Lastly, both kindergarten and first grade will implement a new supplemental program to their curriculum called Fundations. At the kindergarten level, Fundations works on letter recognition and letter sounds. Towards the middle and end of the school year the program focuses on phonemic awareness. At the first grade level, Fundations works on phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and letter sound relationships. Foundations has the students bridge their skills into phonics where they are blending sounds into words. We are working hard at continually bring best practices to our staff as well as our students.

I hope that you find these notes of value. As always if I can be of any assistance personally please feel free to contact me at or you can reach me by phone at 570-278-1106 extension 731. Thank you!

Yours In Education,

Mr. Marc Weisgold